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International Heritage

Hinc Sanitas from here healthHistory and Global Relevance

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) is one of the oldest surgical corporations in the world. Its story begins in the late 1400s when the roles of surgeons and barbers, both requiring sharp instruments to practice their trade, were indistinctly defined as regards such tasks as bloodletting, lancing, shaving, bandaging and treating wounds in battle. From its formal foundation in 1505, the Incorporation of Surgeons and Barbers, now RCSEd, has dedicated itself to promoting the highest standards in surgical education, training and clinical practice across the globe.

18th and 19th Centuries

The strong focus on training, examining and developing established the RCSEd as a global centre of excellence during the 18th Century. By 1800, a new diploma examination had been instituted, attracting candidates from all over the world.

20th Century

20th century collegeThroughout the 19th Century, the RCSEd’s global relevance increased, and on the occasion of the College’s Quarter centenary, in 1905, the RCSEd awarded a large number of international Honorary Fellowships.

The RCSEd’s international focus developed throughout the 20th Century, with international examination centres, international meetings and other initiatives providing a means of the RCSEd reaching out directly to its international membership. The RCSEd also built on the strong, long-established links with international Partners that had existed through generations of Presidents and associated members.

RCSEd IdentityToday

Now in its sixth Century, the RCSEd operates as a truly global organisation, as the number of our Fellows and Members exceeds 22,000, in almost 100 countries. The RCSEd contributes whole-heartedly, directly and indirectly, to the health and well-being of millions, through the dedication and skills of its membership as they constantly strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients in their care.

Our motto: 'Hinc Sanitas'- 'From here, health'

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